Filthy Crook is a five man death metal band from Oulu, Finland. The band was formed in 2017 at a local suburban pub after a night of heavy drinking when singer Ville Lehtoranta and bassist Joni “Jänis” Saarela ended up randomly discussing about possible project together.
As a result, the existing inactive band of Lehtoranta and drummer Jarno Väyrynen underwent structural changes and was complemented by Saarela. Founding members and the musical direction for Filthy Crook were formed. In the years to come, the band became full-fledged with guitarists Joni “Meppis” Mettovaara and Jaakko Sepponen which both impacted the sound of Filthy Crook heavily.

Since the end of 2018, the band has performed regularly in Finland. Although the band itself has not formally categorized itself, the band's mid-tempo style and dark lyrics have been described to have influence from groove and black metal. After the release of the debut EP in february 2020 lead singer Lehtoranta left the band and was replaced by singer Nico Jämsä.


Joni "Jänis" Saarela – Bass (2017-present)
Jarno Väyrynen – Drums (2017-present)
Joni "Meppis" Mettovaara – Guitars (2017-present)
Jaakko Sepponen – Guitars (2018-present)
Nico Jämsä – Vocals (2020-present)


Ville Lehtoranta – Vocals (2017-2020)